Meet Jimmy

Jimmy AbrahamJimmy Abraham’s songs are examples and explorations of narrative in song.  The deep connection between music and storytelling informs his work through styles that range from lyrical ballads to talking blues to raucous, sometimes bawdy, humor.  From the smallest, most intimate tragedy to the wildest, most wide-flung comic forms, Abraham uses the voices of recognizable human characters to craft tales that transport his audience to settings as widely varied as his own experience.

From his birthplace in Chicago and his home in New Mexico, from his childhood in Oklahoma and his years living in South America, Abraham brings a depth of life and a courage that turns away from neither the world’s sorrows nor its joys.

His political work has been featured on NBC and National Public Radio.  His songs have won a variety of awards and been covered by bands from Seattle to New York and played on independent radio from Georgia to California.  He presently plays with The Adobe Brothers, Cheap Shots, and the fabulous Fiasco Brothers as well as playing solo performances.  His second CD,  “Songwriters’ Notebook Vol. 2,” came out in 2006.

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    Contemporary originals - folk, blues, and bluegrass with humor and sorrow and opinions about things. Good songs done well. Click on the album to hear songs.