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Jimmy Abraham solo gigs

I’m getting geared up to play for the OFFCenter Coffee House on April 19. Details are on the calendar. I thank Bonnie Bluhm for setting this up and inviting me to play. It’s all ages, all fun all the time! […]

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Adobe Brothers News and Views

The Adobe Brothers have a new CD as of February 23rd, 2013. We had a CD release party at the Kosmos Coffee House – great concert space if you’re looking for a sweet venue to play in – we had […]

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Winfield 2010

Sorry about the ads on this one. Looks like sombody’s monetizing my stream.

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We had a great time on Tuesday evening, March 16th. The Alan Munde Trio, aka the Elliott Rogers Trio, came through town and played at the Harwood Art Center. The Adobes played a short warm-up set. Elliott was the only […]

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Fiasco Brothers News and Views

The Fiasco Brothers are a bluegrass and folk band. We meet once a week to jam and play an occasional gig, though we do no active marketing. For me, it’s a thoroughly congenial group, and a twenty-five year set of […]

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Albuquerque Folk Festival

Planning is under way for the next Albuquerque Folk Festival. We are in difficult economic times and are working hard to maintain the festival at the same high level. We will have a great program again, but at the cost […]

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Cheap Shots News

The Cheap Shots are back in business; we had a practice last week! We spent the first couple of hours on tunes we won’t be playing anywhere and couldn’t explain to each other, though plenty of energy was expended in […]

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Pickin' and Grinnin'

Pickin’ Well there is a lot of pickin’ planned in the near future.

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Writing and Composing

When I write a song it almost always changes after I think it’s finished because I learn a lot by performing it, what words are not quite right, what phrases can be compacted, what words can be left out, and […]

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